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How to check and pay UAE OverStay Fines Online Step by Step Guide 2024

Navigating visa requirements and deadlines can be challenging, especially when you're in a foreign country. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), overstaying your visa can lead to significant fines.

It is, therefore, essential to know how to check if you have overstayed and what steps you should take if you have. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of UAE overstay fine check and discuss options like overstay fine reduction in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Understanding UAE Visa Fine Check and Overstaying Fees

Overstaying in the UAE refers to remaining in the country beyond the period authorized by your visa or any applicable grace period.

It's crucial to understand what constitutes overstaying to avoid fines and legal complications. If you're wondering, "What if I don't have the money to pay an overstay fine?," it's important to explore options such as overstay fine reduction application and seeking advice on how to apply for fine reduction in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Avoid Overstaying Fines with Our Overstay Calculator To assist you in managing your stay effectively and avoiding fines, we've developed an easy-to-use Overstay fine check online Calculator. This tool helps you track your visa validity and grace periods. Visit our website to access the calculator and ensure a hassle-free stay in the UAE.

Overstay fine check Calculate your Penalty:

This regulation is equally applicable in the case of visa cancellations. The UAE government provides a six-month grace period during which you should either depart the country or apply for a new visa.

In addition, according to the latest updates, those who overstay their visas are also required to secure a Dubai/UAE out pass in addition to settling the overstay fine.

Essentially an exit permit, the out pass authorizes holders to leave the UAE, with fees amounting up to AED 300.

For 30-Day On-Arrival Tourist Visa Holders: If you hold a 30-day on-arrival tourist visa, you're entitled to a 10-day grace period. This means fines are only incurred if you stay beyond these additional days. This privilege is extended to citizens from Canada, Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the US, the UK, and Northern Ireland.

For 90-Day Multiple-Entry On-Arrival Visa Holders: Those with a 90-day multiple-entry on-arrival visa should note that there is no grace period. However, you're allowed to stay in the UAE for up to six months from the date of visa issuance, provided the cumulative stay doesn't exceed 90 days. Overstaying this limit results in fines. Eligible countries include Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Finland, Australia, Honduras, Argentina, and the Maldives. Check your eligibility on our website.

  • Indian Passport Holders: Indian nationals with a US visa, US Green Card, EU residency visa, or UK residency visa can obtain a 14-day UAE visa on arrival, extendable by another 14 days. A 10-day grace period is available if you don’t extend. Post this period, overstaying applies.
  • Mexican Passport Holders: Mexican citizens can acquire a 180-day multiple-entry visit visa for the UAE. Valid for six months from the issue date, it allows a total stay of 180 days. Overstaying beyond this period incurs standardized fines.
  • Prepaid and Entry Visa Holders: If your visa requires pre-payment or is obtained prior to arrival, note that there is no grace period. Overstaying fines commence immediately after visa expiry. These visas can be valid for 30, 60, or 90 days, and overstaying fines also apply to multiple-entry permits if you exceed the allowed days.
  • Residence Visas: The UAE issues residence visas of 1, 3, 5, or 10 years. Regardless of the duration, a daily fine of AED 50 is charged for each day you overstay.

How To Check Overstay Fine In Uae Online fast solution

How to check Overstay Fine in UAE online - Step by Step Visa Fine Check

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) is responsible for offering an online application that allows you to check if there are any overstayed fines associated with your Visa. Please follow the steps outlined below to access UAE Visa fine check online Smart Service:

1. Step: Go To ICA Smart Service Website: Link to smartservices.ico.gov.ae and click over "Fines and Leave Permits"options.

ICA website

2. Step: Select Other Services and clic over start services.

start services for overstay inquiries

3. Step: Select File Module and Passport No. (option):

select file module paspport

4. Step: Fill Form with your passport information:

This is where you have to fill in your passport details. Choose option 1 for Ordinary Passport, enter your passport number, your nationality and a little further down your date of birth. Validate with check that you are not a robot and press the submit button.

ICA Form to overstay inquiry

5. Step: Request information about your Passport Inform:

Step 5 is where the information we have entered about our passport data is displayed.

overstay service information

6. Step: Review Application

Step 6 lists the details and the number of fines on your visa.

review application

The procedure is simple. There are 6 steps from the moment you enter the ICA website and fill in the form with your details. With this we consult our Visa and obtain the complete information associated with our documentation.

If we want to pay the registered fees we will proceed in the next one.

how to pay overstay fine Online

We have already seen with Visa overstay Fines before. Now it is time to make the payment if we have fees to pay and have our file risk-free.

1. View Fees and Select Pay Using Credit Card:

pay overstay fines with credit card

In the last query screen you have the option of Pay using I Agree to the Terms and Conditions

Check the option and select your credit card to make the payment by clicking on the Amwal Credit Card button.

2. Submit Pay Button:

pay fines overstay witth credit card

3. Select Payment Method:

select payment method
select payment method 2.jpg

Depending on the selected option there are different payment methods. You have to select the method with which you have experience or are more confident.

Finally, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone with proof of payment.

  1. Convenient Online Payment: The simplest way to pay your overstay fines is through online platforms. The ICP (Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority) and GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) websites offer user-friendly interfaces for this purpose. Simply enter your visa details on their respective portals and use your credit or debit card to complete the payment. This method is quick, secure, and can be done from the comfort of your home or office.
  2. In-Person Payments at Typing and Amer Centers: For those who prefer or require in-person assistance, overstay fines can be paid at registered typing centers located across the UAE. These centers provide guidance and ensure accurate processing of your payment. Visit our website for a list of authorized typing centers. Alternatively, Amer centers, especially dedicated to handling immigration-related services in Dubai, also accept overstay fine payments. You can find the nearest Amer center in Dubai by visiting their official website.
  3. Settlement at Exit Points: If you're leaving the UAE, you have the option to settle your overstay fines at exit points such as airports, land borders, or seaports. This method is particularly convenient for those who need to clear their dues just before departure.

Stay Informed, Stay Compliant Understanding and complying with visa regulations is crucial for a trouble-free stay in the UAE. Always keep track of your visa status and choose the most convenient method to settle any overstay fines to avoid complications.


Being vigilant about your visa status in the UAE can save you from unnecessary trouble and costs. With the right information and the online tools provided by the UAE government, you can effectively manage your stay in the UAE.

Always remember to check your visa status regularly and adhere to the UAE's visa regulations to enjoy a hassle-free stay in this beautiful country.

Remember, the information in this blog post is intended as a guide and does not substitute for legal advice. Always refer to official UAE government resources or consult with a legal professional if you're unsure about your situation.

What are the Charges for Overstaying in the UAE?

In the UAE, the overstay fine is set at AED 50 per day. This rate is consistent across all visa types, including visit, tourist, and residency visas. It's crucial to be aware of this standardized fine to avoid unexpected costs.

How Can I Pay My Overstay Fines?

Settling your overstay fines in the UAE is a straightforward process. You have several options:
Online Payment: Conveniently pay via the ICP (Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority) and GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) websites.
In-Person Payment: Visit registered typing centers or Amer centers for guided assistance.
At Exit Points: Fines can also be paid at exit locations such as airports, land borders, and sea ports, especially useful if you’re leaving the country.

Does Overstaying Impact Future Entry into the UAE?

Yes, overstaying in the UAE can result in a re-entry ban. The decision to impose such a ban is at the discretion of the immigration authorities and is typically based on the length of your overstay and other related circumstances. Note that simply paying the overstay fine does not guarantee exemption from a potential re-entry ban.

Preventing Overstay Fines: What Should I Do?

To avoid incurring overstay fines, proactive planning is key. Here are some tips:
Plan Your Departure: Ensure your return or departure from the UAE is scheduled before your visa expiration.
Stay Informed: Regularly check your visa status and understand the conditions and any grace periods associated with your visa.
Avoid Last-Minute Travel: Plan your travel well in advance to circumvent any unforeseen delays that might lead to overstaying.

Can I pay the traffic fine in any of the UAE airport immigration when leaving the country?

In my personal experience, I encountered a situation where my family had incurred in Dubai overstay fine check overstaying while switching visas from one free zone to another in the United Arab Emirates. I contemplated the possibility of flying to India and returning instead of paying 600 AED for a status change within the country.
However, when I reached out to the GFRA helpline, I was informed that the fines needed to be settled in the emirate where the visa had been issued. There's a chance that you may be turned away at Dubai airport and required to clear immigration fines before departing the country.
To play it safe, I cleared the fines online before planning the rest of my trip. This ensured a smooth departure without any unexpected hurdles at the airport, allowing me to enjoy my journey without additional worries. It's important to remember that resolving immigration fines before leaving the country is crucial to avoid any airport inconveniences and ensure a hassle-free trip.
about your visa requirements and adhering to them is crucial for a hassle-free stay in the UAE.

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