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Emirates ID Renewal Fine - Avoid Penalties and Renew on Timewal fine

What is an Emirates ID and why is it important?

Emirates ID is a government-issued identity card that is mandatory for citizens and residents in the UAE. The Emirates ID carries a unique 15-digit identification number that is a requirement for various government and private services.

emirates id renewal fine

The Emirates ID aims to provide a unified and secure national system to identify individuals and to streamline processes in a digital age. The Emirates ID also ensures that personal data is protected while providing service recipients with a reliable and trustworthy identity authentication source.

Definition and purposes of Emirates ID

The Emirates ID is an advanced smart card that carries personal data that includes name, date of birth, gender, nationality, photo, and signature.

The Emirates ID has several functions including enabling people to get visas, opening bank accounts, receiving healthcare, and accessing government services. The Emirates ID also helps to identify individuals working in government and private sectors as well as checking attendance and managing salary payments.

Importance of Emirates ID in accessing government services

The Emirates ID is essential to access government services including healthcare, education, utilities, and housing. Also, the Emirates ID allows people to participate in elections and to receive social benefits such as unemployment benefits, pensions, or welfare payments.

Emirates ID is also required to register your vehicle and to obtain a driving license.

Other uses of Emirates ID

The Emirates ID has many other uses like access to airports and immigration services, online transactions, and even entrance to events and exhibitions. Emirates ID saves time and reduces fraud, as it prevents people from using fake identities to receive services that they are not entitled to.

How to Renew Emirates ID

Renewing an Emirates ID card is necessary to avoid penalties and to continue accessing vital services, voting, monitoring residency status, and more. Here is an overview of the steps to follow when renewing the Emirates ID card.

  1. Overview of Steps to Renew Emirates ID: The first step is to know your Emirates ID expiration date. Renewal can be done up to six months before the expiration date. If the Emirates ID has already expired, it must be renewed within the mentioned 30-day period to avoid penalties. Check the validity of Emirates ID card online via the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship’s website before renewal.
  2. Applying for Renewal at Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security-ICP: Customers can apply for renewal of the Emirates ID card by visiting the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security-ICP website and filling the online form with required personal information. The form can be submitted online, and customers can track their Emirates ID’s status until the ID is delivered to their registered address.
  3. Applying for Renewal at Accredited Typing Centers: Customers can also visit one of the accredited typing centers located in different shopping malls, airports, and government offices authorized by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. These centers offer professional assistance through typing centers agents who guide through the process of passport and ID renewal. In conclusion, renewing an Emirates ID card is a straightforward process that can be done through various channels.

Customers are encouraged to avoid delaying the renewal process to avoid incurring penalties. It is always recommended to check the renewal process online and make sure all the required documents are available before commencing the process.

Cost and Fees for Emirates ID Renewal

Amount to Pay for Emirates ID Renewal

To renew an Emirates ID, customers must pay a fee of AED 250. This cost covers the renewal process and the production of a new ID card. Customers can apply for renewal at the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security-ICP or an accredited typing center.

Late Fees for Expired ID Cards

If a person does not renew their Emirates ID within the 30-day grace period after its expiration, they will be subject to a fine of AED 20 per day, up to a maximum of AED 1000. For example, if a person renews their ID 10 days after the expiration date, they will owe a fine of AED 200 on top of the regular renewal fee.

Urgent Renewal Fees

For those who require urgent renewal of their Emirates ID, an additional fee of AED 150 will be applied. This service is prioritized over regular renewal requests, and the new ID card will be delivered within 24 hours of the application's approval. Overall, it is essential to renew Emirates ID cards in a timely manner to avoid late fees. Customers should also factor in any additional fees if they require urgent renewal.

Exemptions from Emirates ID renewal fines

Criteria for exemptions

  • Employees of federal or local government entities
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Those who are unemployed or have low income
  • Prisoners
  • Nationals or residents with chronic illnesses

If you are part of any of the above categories, you may qualify for exemptions from the late fees associated with Emirates ID renewal. However, it is important to note that the specific criteria for exemptions can vary depending on circumstances. It is recommended to check with the relevant authorities to ensure eligibility.

Process for applying for exemption from renewal fines

To apply for an exemption from Emirates ID renewal fines, you will need to submit an application to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security-ICP or an accredited typing center.

The application will need to include supporting documentation such as proof of employment or disability, a student ID, or a letter from the relevant authority indicating low income or unemployment. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed, and an exemption will be granted if all criteria are met.

It is important to apply for an exemption as soon as possible to avoid incurring any additional fines due to delayed applications. Failure to apply for an exemption may result in having to pay the full amount of late fees associated with Emirates ID renewal.

By understanding the criteria for exemptions and the application process, individuals can take advantage of these options to avoid late fees and having to pay excessive amounts for their Emirates ID renewal.

Consequences of not renewing Emirates ID on time

Renewing your Emirates ID before it expires is crucial to avoid any potential consequences.

The consequences of failing to renew your Emirates ID on time can include fines, a possible travel ban, and difficulty accessing government services. In this section, we will cover the fines associated with failing to renew your Emirates ID before it expires, the importance of knowing your fine balance, and the potential legal implications for not renewing on time.

Fines for Not Renewing on Time

If you fail to renew your Emirates ID on time, you will face a fine. The fine is AED 20 per day for up to 30 days, resulting in a maximum fine of AED 1,000. This fine is applied automatically, and there are no exceptions.

If you do not renew your Emirates ID within 30 days of its expiration, your Emirates ID will be considered permanently expired, and you will need to apply for a new one.

Importance of Knowing the Fine Balance

It is essential to know your fine balance to avoid any surprises when renewing your Emirates ID. You can check your fine balance by visiting the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). You will need to enter your Emirates ID number to access your fine balance information. Once you know your balance, you can pay the fine at one of the ICA centers or by using an e-service provider.

Possible Legal Implications for Not Renewing on Time

Failing to renew your Emirates ID on time can result in legal implications. If you are caught without a valid Emirates ID, you may face legal action. Additionally, you may be unable to access essential government services, such as healthcare, education, and banking.

If you are an expatriate, you may face difficulty in renewing your visa or changing your job as a result of not renewing your Emirates ID on time. In conclusion, it is crucial to renew your Emirates ID on time to avoid fines, travel bans, and difficulties in accessing government services.

Knowing your fine balance, paying fines promptly, and renewing your Emirates ID before it expires are the best ways to avoid any potential consequences.

Replacing a Lost or Damaged Emirates ID

If your Emirates ID card is lost or damaged, you will need to replace it as soon as possible to avoid any legal implications and fines. Here is what you need to know about replacing a lost or damaged Emirates ID.

Process for replacing lost or damaged Emirates ID

To replace your lost or damaged Emirates ID card, you will need to visit an accredited typing center or the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security-ICP. You will need to submit an application form, a police report on the loss of your Emirates ID card, and a passport copy.

Fees for this service

The cost of replacing a lost or damaged Emirates ID card is AED 300. Payment can be made online or at the typing center using a credit or debit card.

Timeline for receiving replacement Emirates ID card

Once your application and payment have been processed, you will receive your replacement Emirates ID card within 5 to 7 working days. If you need your card urgently, you can pay an additional fee of AED 150 and receive it within 48 hours.


If you lose or damage your Emirates ID card, replacing it is a simple process that involves submitting an application form, a police report, and a passport copy. The cost of replacing a lost or damaged Emirates ID card is AED 300, and it takes 5 to 7 working days to receive your new card. For urgent replacement, you can pay an additional fee of AED 150 and receive your card within 48 hours.

Final thoughts:

It is important to keep your Emirates ID card safe and secure to avoid the hassle of replacing it. However, accidents can happen, and if your card is lost or damaged, don't panic. Follow the process outlined above, and you will have a new Emirates ID card in no time. Remember, the consequences of not having a valid Emirates ID can be severe, so it is essential to keep your card up to date and valid at all times.

Checking and Paying for Emirates ID Renewal Fines

How to check if there are any fines associated with your Emirates ID renewal

Before renewing your Emirates ID, it’s important to check if any fines have been applied to your account. To do this, you can visit the official Emirates ID website and enter your ID number. The website will display any outstanding fines that need to be paid before you can proceed with your renewal. Keep in mind that some fines may not appear on the website immediately, so it’s recommended to check regularly.

Online payment options for Emirates ID renewal fines

Once you have identified any fines on your account, you can pay them online through the visa or Mastercard payment gateway on the Emirates ID website. If you prefer to pay in-person, you can visit any accredited typing center and pay the fines in cash or by credit card. It’s important to note that if you have outstanding fines, you will not be able to renew your ID until they are fully paid.

Disputing an Emirates ID renewal fine

If you believe that a fine has been applied to your account incorrectly, you can dispute it through the Emirates ID website or by visiting an accredited typing center. You will need to provide evidence to support your claim, such as proof of payment or evidence of an error in the system.

The dispute will be reviewed by the authority, and if it’s found that the fine was applied in error, it will be waived. In summary, it’s important to check for any outstanding fines before renewing your Emirates ID, paying them online or in-person, and disputing any fines that you believe have been applied in error.

Taking these steps can help ensure a smooth and stress-free renewal process.

Other Services Provided by Typing Centers and Centres of Happiness

Additional Services Offered by Typing Centers

Typing centers in the UAE offer a range of services in addition to Emirates ID renewal. These services include passport renewal, visa processing, ticket booking, and certificate attestation.

Typing centers are authorized by the government to provide these services and can be found in most major cities throughout the UAE. Customers can visit these centers for efficient and convenient documentation services.

Services Available at the Centers of Happiness

Centers of Happiness are a government initiative aimed at providing customers with a range of services in one location. These centers are located throughout the UAE and offer a variety of services such as Emirates ID renewal, visa processing, health insurance services, and legal services. Centers of Happiness streamline the documentation process and provide customers with a one-stop-shop for their documentation needs.

SPC Free Zone for Fast and Flexible Business Setup with Immigration Services On-Site

SPC Free Zone is a business-oriented initiative aimed at enabling entrepreneurs and businesses to establish and grow their businesses within the UAE. The initiative provides a range of business support services and features immigration services on-site.

Customers can take advantage of flexible payment plans and fast business registration processes to establish their businesses quickly and easily. SPC Free Zone is an ideal option for those looking to establish a business in the UAE without the hassle of navigating the complex business regulations in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emirates ID Renewal

Summary of key points about Emirates ID renewal fines

  • Fines for late renewal of an Emirates ID card can be up to AED 1,000.
  • There is a 30-day limit to renew an expired Emirates ID card.
  • Late fine exemptions are available based on specific criteria.
  • An urgent renewal option is available for an additional fee.

Final thoughts on the importance of Emirates ID renewal

Renewing your Emirates ID on time is crucial to avoid fines and ensure continued access to government services. It is also a legal requirement for residents and citizens of the UAE. Don't delay your renewal and cause unnecessary stress and penalties. Keep your Emirates ID card updated and ensure you always know your fine balance.

Call to action for readers to renew their Emirates ID on time

If your Emirates ID card is nearing its expiration, make sure to renew it in a timely manner. Remember, you only have 30 days to renew after expiration. Don't wait until the last minute as the renewal process can take time.

Take action now to avoid potential fines and ensure uninterrupted access to government services. Renewing your Emirates ID is a simple and necessary task to keep you compliant with UAE laws and regulations.

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