Umm Al-Quwain traffic fines check

How to Check Umm Al Quwain traffic fines

Traffic fines are a part of driving that everyone hopes to avoid. However, if you find yourself on the receiving end of one, it's crucial to check and pay them promptly. Incorporating this habit can save you from unexpected financial surprises down the line.

Umm Al Quwain Traffic Fines Check

Umm Al Quwain traffic fines check is an easy process and it has an added benefit! You could potentially halve your traffic fines. As part of the UAE’s 51st-anniversary celebration, Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) Police General Command announced a 50% reduction in traffic fines. This is a significant relief for motorists, easing the financial burden of settling these penalties.

But don't delay! This discount won't last forever. It's time to get savvy about your traffic fines and seize this opportunity to save some hard-earned money.

In the sections that follow, we'll guide you through the specifics of this discount offer, including:

  1. Who's eligible
  2. Which violations are excluded
  3. How to check and pay your Umm Al Quwain traffic fines.

Umm Al Quwain Traffic Fines Discount 2022

To celebrate the UAE's 51st-anniversary, the Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) Police General Command has announced a special offer: a 50% reduction in traffic fines. This is a great opportunity for drivers to settle their outstanding fines and save money.

Who Can Get the Discount?

To be eligible for this discount, you need to meet certain criteria. It's not just about having a fine - timing is also important.

  • The fines must have been issued before October 31, 2022.
  • You can avail of this discount if you have pending fines from on or before this date.

This is a good incentive for drivers to pay off their older fines and start fresh. In addition, the UAQ Police has decided to cancel vehicle impoundments and traffic points as part of this offer.

How Long is the Discount Available?

This discount offer is available for a limited time only. You can take advantage of it from December 1, 2022 until January 6, 2023. So make sure to act quickly and settle your fines during this period.

Why is This Discount Being Offered?

The UAQ Police General Command wants to encourage responsible driving and timely fine payment. They understand that some drivers may face financial difficulties, so they're providing an opportunity to settle their fines at reduced rates.

By doing so, they hope to promote a culture of responsibility and adherence to traffic laws, which will ultimately lead to safer roads for everyone.

In the next sections, we'll provide more details about the violations that are not included in this discount and guide you through the process of checking your eligibility for fine discounts and how to pay these fines.

Violations Excluded from the Discount

While the Umm Al Quwain traffic fines discount offers a significant 50% reduction, it's crucial to understand its limitations. This discount, announced in honor of UAE National Day, is not applicable to all violations. There are certain traffic offenses that fall outside the ambit of this generous offer.

1. Reckless Driving

If you've been fined for reckless driving that poses a threat to other road users, you won't be able to avail of the discount. This rule has been put in place considering the grave risk such behavior presents to public safety.

2. Unauthorized Car Engine Modifications

Another major exclusion pertains to vehicle modification. If you've made any unauthorized modifications to your car engine and have been fined for it, unfortunately, this fine will remain unaffected by the discount.

The Umm Al Quwain traffic fines discount was issued before October 31, 2022, and lasts until January 6, 2023. It's important to note these exclusions and ensure your violations don't fall under them so you can make full use of the discount before it expires.

How to Check and Pay Umm Al Quwain Traffic Fines

Checking traffic fines in Umm Al Quwain and knowing if they qualify for a discount can save you from paying more than you need to. Here, we'll guide you through the process of checking if your fine is eligible for the discount offer.

Step-by-Step Guide: Checking Fine Discount Availability

  • Step 1: Navigate to the official website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) or the Umm Al Quwain Police. Both platforms offer comprehensive information about traffic fines.
  • Step 2: Once on the platform, look for an option that allows you to check traffic fines. This is usually found under sections like "Services" or "Traffic Fines Inquiry".
  • Step 3: Enter your Emirates ID number, license plate number, or traffic file number in the designated field. This will pull up all fines associated with your profile.
  • Step 4: Review the list of fines registered under your name. The registration date of each fine can typically be found alongside other details like violation type and fine amount.

Remember, only fines registered before October 31, 2022 are eligible for the discount offer. If your fine falls within this timeline, congratulations! You're eligible for a half-price settlement.

Knowing how to check traffic fines in Umm Al Quwain is crucial to benefit from this discount offer. With this knowledge at hand, let's now move onto how you can settle these fines.

Exploring Payment Options

Settling your Umm Al Quwain traffic fines is straightforward and can be done via several methods:

  • Online Payment: The most convenient method of payment is through the MOI or UAQ Police websites. Simply follow the prompts to make a payment against your listed fines.
  • Mobile Application: If you prefer using your smartphone, both MOI and UAQ Police have mobile applications available for download. These apps offer a user-friendly interface to check and pay your fines.
  • 'Sahl' Electronic Devices: Alternatively, you can use Sahl devices for payment. These machines, located across the city, allow for easy and quick fine payments.
  • UAQ Police Service Centers: For those who prefer paying in person, visit any UAQ Police service center. The staff there will assist you in settling your dues.

With multiple payment methods available at your disposal, settling your traffic fines in Umm Al Quwain is hassle-free.

Exploring Payment Options

Understanding how to pay your traffic fines in Umm Al Quwain is as important as knowing how to check for them. There are several methods available for settling fines, ensuring that the process is convenient and efficient for everyone.

Official Websites and Apps

The most convenient method to check and pay your traffic fines is through the official Ministry of Interior (MOI) website or the Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) Police website. These platforms provide all the details of your fines and offer a seamless experience for payment.

  • MOI Application: The MOI application is another great tool for managing your traffic fines. You can easily access your fine details, check discount availability, and make payments directly from your smartphone.
  • UAQ Police Application: Similar to the MOI app, the UAQ Police app provides a comprehensive platform for managing your traffic fines. It's simple, user-friendly, and efficient.

Ensure to have all necessary information on hand when using these platforms, such as your driver's license number or vehicle registration details. Remember that only fines registered before October 31, 2022, are eligible for the discount.

Alternative Options

If you prefer in-person transactions or do not have access to online platforms, here are some alternative options for making fine payments:

  • Visit the nearest UAE Exchange branch: You can settle your fines at any UAE Exchange branch by providing the necessary details and making the payment.
  • Use self-service kiosks: Some government offices or service centers have self-service kiosks where you can check and pay your fines conveniently.
  • Contact the Traffic Department: Reach out to the Umm Al Quwain Traffic Department directly through phone or email to inquire about other available payment methods.

These alternative options can be useful if you prefer face-to-face interactions or need assistance with the payment process.

Other Ways to Settle Your Fines

Although online methods have made it easier than ever to pay traffic fines, there are alternative options available for those who prefer a different approach.

1. Use Sahl Electronic Devices

One such option is the use of Sahl electronic devices. These machines can be found in various locations around Umm Al Quwain and offer a quick and hassle-free way to settle your penalties. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your vehicle information
  2. Check your fines
  3. Make the payment through the device

It's as simple as that. Sahl electronic devices are convenient and easy-to-use machines for settling your fines.

2. Visit UAQ Police Service Centers

In addition to these devices, you also have the option of visiting UAQ Police service centers in person. This method comes with the added benefit of being able to:

  • Speak directly with law enforcement officers
  • Get further clarification on any doubts or questions you might have regarding your fines and the payment process

UAQ Police service centers offer face-to-face support from law enforcement officers.

These alternatives provide a degree of flexibility and convenience, allowing you to choose a payment method that best suits your preferences and circumstances. However, it's important to bear in mind that regardless of how you choose to pay, settling your fines promptly should always be a priority.


Regularly checking your Umm Al Quwain traffic fines is not just about following the law but also a wise move to avoid any unexpected surprises that could affect your financial plans. It's important to note that even a single unnoticed fine can result in additional fees and complications.

The Umm Al Quwain traffic fines discount for 2022 presents an opportunity that you shouldn't overlook. This discount, which is applicable to fines issued before a specific date, gives you the chance to resolve your outstanding fines while saving money.

Keep in mind, this discount has a limited duration and will expire soon. It's advisable to make the most of this offer at the earliest opportunity.

Let's all strive to be responsible drivers and work towards safer roads that are free from any financial burdens. By taking proactive steps such as regularly checking and paying off our traffic fines, we can make a significant contribution towards achieving this goal.

Don't miss out on this opportunity, take advantage of the savings, and drive safely!

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